Types of Content Creation

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Types of Content Creation
Nine reasons to have a content:
  • inform
  • teach
  • inspire
  • motivate
  • entertain
  • persuade
  • increase brand awareness
  • improve brand reputation
  • stimulate social traffic and followers


Pages content must sell and convince
A content gives the visitors the message you want to send in an attracting and a digestible way, home, about, services, contacts, product, FAQ, privacy and other pages. Read more about website pages contents.


Blog posts content must show quality
Brand awareness and customers trust will be increased with proofread and weekly fresh well-written original content on topics related to your business.


Social posts content must attract customers
Social posts and carefully chosen content engage, educate, entertain and build trust. Why do you need social media marketing?


What is the role of visual content creation?
The formula of a successful marketing campaign equals text-based content plus visual contents.

Types of Content Creation


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