YouTube Marketing Strategy

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YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube is the internet’s second largest search engine, it can help establish brand presence and reach your marketing goals. YouTube allows marketers to present content accessible for viewers to consume and share. We know that YouTube marketing can be an intimidating tool for companies. That’s why we’ve made a complete YouTube marketing strategy for pros and beginners alike.

Here we’ll run through each step — from how to make a YouTube channel and optimize videos, when and what to post, for SEO, to how to run a YouTube advertising campaign and view channel and video analytics.

1. Optimize YouTube Channel

80% of subscribers come from the home page, not the video.

Channel Art

Nice profile picture and the art cover, your face or logo, you can get images from Pixabay or use Snappa or Canva

About Section

Edit about section: logo → my channel → customize channel → about

  • Description – you can add links
  • Email business
  • Add links to the website and other social profiles

Customized URL

Get customized URL  after having 100 subscribers and a month old logo → settings

Features Videos on home

Create 30-60 seconds video as featured and post it on the channel’s home

You can set up two videos for subscribers and visitors

Logo → my channel → customize channel

2. Optimize What You Post on Youtube

What You Post? How You Post? and When You Post?

What to post?

  1. Entertain
  1. Educate
  1. Inspire

3 Categories

  1. Target people’s emotions /excitement/amusing/anger/ anxiety ex Goalcost
  1. Provide value, teach how to like tasty
  1. Target and share story

How you post?


  1. Use custom thumbnail
  1. Try to add faces
  1. Make contrast
  1. Text over image

The title of the video

  1. Less than 60 characters
  1. If you cannot, make the most important point visible


  1. Most important information in the top of the description
  1. Connect with us links

When to post?

  1. Make it regularly
  1. Focus on a consistent schedule
  1. Check the optimum time based on your audience watching time, do the same on other channels

3. Use the Right Keywords in the Right Places

  1. Video title
  1. Playlist title
  1. Video description
  1. Playlist description
  1. When you upload a file, change the file to how_to_cock_steak
  1. Tags, auto-generate captions

Finding Keywords

Install the chrome extension keywordseverywhere

It will provide of search volume in the search bar itself of YouTube Google and many others

Title optimization

  1. The main keyword in the top
  1. If the subject is time-related add 2018 or [updated ]
  1. Use long tail keywords

Description optimization

  1. Long description and many related keywords
  1. If possible, paste the entire transcript in descriptions
  1. Use long tail keywords
  1. Use to analyze the keyword density

Tags Optimization

  1. 10-12 tags
  1. Use long tail keywords

About Section Optimization

  1. Keywords rich About section
  1. Use to analyze the keyword density

4. Arrange Free and Paid Collaborations

  1. Search for your topic
  1. Find playlists with m1000s of subscribers
  1. Contact them, pay a compliment, you can offer a mutual mentioning or offer them something else or money

If you need to pay

  1. Pay with PayPal – recommended
  1. Add a note when you pay- this is for collaboration and mentioning us on your channel
  1. Rarely happen but better you can for a refund if they did not apply

5. YouTube Algorithm Factors

  1. Likes, comments, subscribers – have call-to-actions
  2. How many minutes and the percentage – 1.maximize the number of minutes watched 2.put your video in a playlist 3.add links to other videos,
  3. The number of views of video and channel – 1.right keywords, 2.great contents, 3.great thumbnails,
  4. Retention – how much they come back to watch your video – 1.promotions are important, 2.get people subscribed to your channel, when you reply in comment delay the reply, reply and comment on related channels
  5. The audience starting points, did they start their browsing session with you or with another channel then they reached to yours
  6. Social sharing and embedding share to all your channels, email the link of the video to the bloggers
  7. Intent indicator, click-through rates 1.get great thumbnails and titles 2. share with your people’s friends
  8. The recency and the growth, 1.the minute you publish, try to get views ASAP, try to post in a good time for your audience

6. Use YouTube Cards and End Screens

Add a not to open a link to a website or to another video

Up to five cards on all videos

Better to add them not in the beginning after the middle

Go to video → edit video → Cards

  1. You can use templates
  1. You can promote other videos, playlists, channel, polls, and websites
  1. To add a website, you must be a member of YouTube partner program – 4000 watched hours in the last three months – and thousands of subscribers

End Screens and Annotations

Add cards to other videos and to subscribe to the channel.

It appears the last 20 seconds of the video but you can change this

You can use on any video 25s and longer

7. Find and Reproduce Winning Videos

Search for great videos related business

See what best videos performed based on the view counts

Read the comments to see what people like and people did not like to make a better video

Get inspiration and make something better than reproduce it.

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