Adobe Illustrator Tips

Author avatar wrote on 24/04/2019

Adobe Illustrator Tips

Here are a few tips will help to finish your job faster when using Adobe Illustrator


Will turn to invisible mode that you can see all your victors

Clean Up

Clean invisible objects with no fill or stroke

Object → path → clean up

Change all objects with same color in Adobe Illustrator

  1. Select object
  2. Select → same → fill color
  3. Change color

Math in width

Use / after with and any number to make less in with /2 will make it half of the width 

CRT + D to repeat

Repeat your last  action

Shortcut to fill color

  • , fill color
  • / no fill color
  • . gradient

Shortcut for arrows

  • V black arrow
  • A white arrow
  • i color picker

Print Gradients

file → print → graphics → turn on compatible gradient and gradient mesh

Export Selection

  1. Select the object(s) you want to export alone
  2. Right click → export selection

Exporting for print

  1. Make sure document resolution is 300 ppi
  2. Choose high quality print
  3. Turn off preserve illustrator editing capabilities (otherwise the file will be too big)

Clipping Mask Short-keys

  1. Select both files
  2. CRT + 7

Compound path to make holes Short-keys

  1. Select both files
  2. CRT + 7

Text Short-keys

  • Change size CTR + 7 + , or .
  • Change spacing and line height CTR + Alt + arrows

To make Illustrator work faster

  1. Effects → document raster effects settings
  2. Change resolution 300 to 72
  3. When  you finish return it 300 for print

Oval to a leaf shape

  1. Draw an oval using the ellipse tool
  2. Using the curvature pen change two points to corners by double click

Repeat Rotation

  1. Select the shape you want to rotate
  2. Pick rotate tool
  3. Hold alt then click on the point to set the center point of rotation
  4. Choose degree ex 20
  5. Click copy
  6. Ctrl + d to repeat

Changing Interface to English Adobe Illustrator

Switch language: open the file painter.ini in the program folder, in the 12th line replace ru_RU with en_US, save the changes and restart the program. The reverse switching is similar.

  1. On Start → search for notepad → right click to open as an administrator
  2. Open file :C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CC 2018\Support Files\Contents\Windows\painter.ini
  3. In the 12th line replace ru_RU with en_US, save the changes and restart the program

Illustrator CC 2017 – Won’t open new document

Not really a solution, but a possible workaround.

Preferences > General > check ” Use legacy “File New” interface”

Type Arabic and Hebrew in Adobe Illustrator

Preferences → General → Type → Show indic options

COMMAND + Option + T → burger menu → Middle Eastern and south asian composer

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