Top 5 Tips on How to Improve Website’s Design

Author avatar wrote on 23/01/2019

Top 5 Tips on How to Improve Website’s Design

In our today’s reality visual content is playing the key role. Therefore, the question of how to improve website’s design is incredibly relevant today.

How do you know you like something?
What attracts your attention?
How do you know the product of high quality?

The answer to all these questions is your sensory system. Do you feel surprised?

It is so!  
The system of sensory perception really plays a key role in everything you do in your life. Physical state impacts even your mental activities.

Sensory perception means the understanding gained through the use of one sense such as sight, taste, touch or hearing.

Let’s talk about how to get benefits within your work as a graphic designer and how to improve website’s design.

Graphic design has always been a skill graphic designers look to improve annually because designs trends are always changing. So, we suggest you to go through five main factors that will significantly improve website’s design.

Tip #1.  Implement bright, showy colors

Our social feeds and the internet are all filled with endless amounts of content. In fact, people upload over 1.8 billion photos to social media a day. It is tough to get your message across if your audience never gets the chance to look at it.

Using loud and bright colors will help your content stand out from the meme-filled social feeds. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you should go out and write your text with bold red font using an orange background. Mix colors properly so they combine to create an eye-catching image. Using tools such as Colorhunt is perfect for choosing color combos that stand out for your visuals.

A useful tip: Don’t ignore color transitionsWe’ve seen this style emerge with the Instagram redesign and it’s quickly making its way around major brands. It is possible for us to continue to see the use of color transitions within the design. Using popping colors that transition may just be the secret formula to improve website’s design in 2019.

Tip #2. Utilize Authentic Pictures and Customized Graphics

Don‘t miss generic in 2019. The one size fits all approach is long gone.

Stock photos are still very prominent. But It’s time to move away from the basic approach of just attaching a stock photo. If you have intentions to use stock photos, incorporate the photo into a graphic with relevant text. Personalize the graphic as much as possible. This is the key is to success.

Given how easy it is to take professional photos, you should be using authentic pictures to showcase your content.

As for graphics, there are plenty of ways you can create a customized piece of content without spending countless hours learning Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Research and look through the analytics to figure out the content your readers are interested in. Once you’ve figured that out, you can create simple graphics with online graphic design tools like Snappa. Whether they are quoting, statistics, industry news, make sure that your graphics apply to your brand.

Another designer’s tip: Hand Drawn Images and Sketches
We’re seeing a human side to design with the emergence of hand-drawn design and sketches. Today quite a few major companies are using this hand-drawn typography on apparel designs and website designs.

Tip #3.  Create Unique Layouts

2019 is all about having designs that stand out and the design layout is no different. Having symmetry on the design canvas has always been a standard in the trade. Though companies have experimented away from this. Designers create asymmetric designs that use neutral space creatively.

Since symmetry has been so standard in design, it’s become generic to the eye and asymmetric designs do a great job of capturing attention because it’s so different from what we normally see.

Another prominent layout design we have seen and will continue to see in 2019 is splitting content. What this means is that design splits into sections where information disperses across each part. A common split content layout is having have the page as an image while half the page is text. Follow this trend and you to improve your website’s design.

Tip #4. Concern Design Elements and Overall Style

Using patterns, lines, and circles have been prominent for a few years now and that won’t be changing soon. You should continue to see patterns incorporated into designs, along with geometric shapes.

Geometric Shapes

A design element popular for quite some time now, won’t go away soon. Using shapes to create designs will continue to be a major factor in 2019. The geometric designs in 2019 will be ones to combine with other popular design elements and something that is unique.

Low Poly Design

A low poly design will give your piece of work a more 3D feel. A poly design has dominated the design environment over the past year and this trend does not feel like it will end soon. The low poly designs are being combined with bright colors, hand-drawn shapes, and duotones, to stand out while giving a much more modern look to graphics.

Use of Typography

An element of design that has always been important to graphic design is typography. Choosing the right font, font size, font bold, and font spacing are key. In the new year, expect to see BIGGER and bolder fonts.

Tip #5. Moving Visuals

When we talk about moving visuals, we’re getting into a more advanced side of graphic and web design.


Moving images such as GIFs are taking the internet by storm and we are seeing more and more GIFs across our news feeds and emails. A GIF comprises several images that go together to create a short looping visual. Very similar to Vine, but with images instead of video.


A cinema graph is an image that has components which move. They are popular on platforms such as Instagram and sometimes by brands. This is a unique approach to design and combines video and authentic imagery into one piece.

The use of such forms of visual content will help to improve website’s design and attract more traffic.


Graphic design is not an easy task and if you haven’t designed before, it won’t be easy for you to incorporate all the elements mentioned above. Start with the basics and consider implementing authentic visuals first if you haven’t already done so. After you can experiment with shapes, font combinations,  and combining the elements we mentioned above into a single graphics. Practice everything to improve website’s design and make your design individual, memorable, prominent.


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