Quality Web Design Principles



Quality Web Design Principles

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Quality Web Design Principles

Tailor Made Web Design

Every business is unique and needs a website specially built for its needs, telling its own story, not telling the story of others.

User-Centered Design

Built websites to be used and loved by the customers; make enjoyable designs that address the users’ needs.

Built for Conversion

What’s the point of a website if it won’t collect the contact information of qualified buyers and potential customers, and increase sales.

Mobile First Web Design

The mobile-first approach is exactly as it sounds: designing for the smallest screen and working your way up.

SEO Optimized

Designs must give website a strong competitive advantage in the search results by applying the most effective SEO techniques.

Fast Loading Design

Built websites load fast. According to Google, every second delay in page loading will increase the chance of losing a customer conversion by 20%.

Easy to Navigate

Ensure visitors can find what they’re looking for with the minimum efforts.

Easy to Access

Websites must be accessible and must look great on any device using any modern web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Safari.

Strongly Secured

Disallow accessing to any strict files, ensure privacy protocols and conduct security checks continuously to make sure website and users are protected.

Enabled CMS

Make it easy for publishers to add, edit, remove, show and hide contents like web pages, blog posts, images and media files.

Validated and Tested

Every piece of code must be tested and validated, and every page, blog post must be SEO optimized, mobile-friendly tested, cross-browsing and fast loading tested.

Tracking Enabled

Make sure the website is doing its job; use advanced technologies to understand your visitors including click-rate, heatmaps, recording and eye-tracking.

Quality Web Design Principles

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